Application for Membership

If you would like to become a member of NALPI, please download the "NALPI - Application" file (in PDF format) below and complete the entire application form.  Partial or incomplete applications cannot be accepted for membership considerations.


The application is in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) and requires either the Adobe Acrobat program or the Adobe Reader program, the latter of which is available as a no-cost download from Adobe.  If you need to download and install the free Adobe Reader program in order to complete the application, please click on the "Get Adobe Reader" icon below and follow the related instructions.




After your Adobe program is properly installed, click on the link below for the new member application PDF document:

NALPI - Application.pdf


Please note that the application has fields where the applicant can type data into the form's various fields.


Once the application is completed, it can be returned via e-mail to or a completed hardcopy can be mailed to the Association at:

NALPI - Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators

PO Box 84601

Lincoln, NE 68501-4601


The Association expects high professional and ethical standards from all of its members.  It also endeavors to promote and foster a spirit of trust and mutual respect with its associates in both the public and private sectors.