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About Us

About Us

What is NALPI?

The Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators (also known by its  acronym "NALPI") is an association comprised of a diverse group of licensed private investigators and related professionals, from across the entire state of Nebraska.  It is filed with the Secretary of State - Corporations division at the state capitol in Lincoln as "a fraternal association to promote and  maintain the highest educational standards and ethical practices in the fields of investigation and related practices."

Our Purpose

What We Do, and Why


The primary purpose of this organization is education.  Its objectives are to:

1) Encourage and develop cooperation among all Nebraska private detectives, law  enforcement agencies, and other government agencies, in the application and utilization of the services that private detectives provide for the good of the general public;

2) Promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honor and conduct in the private detective profession;

3) Develop the highest standards of proficiency in the profession by fostering and encouraging training, study and progressive techniques among the members;

4) Provide an opportunity and forum for the exchange of information between  members regarding experiences, studies, and training;

5) Establish a means of ongoing communication between the members and agencies responsible for licensing and regulation of private detectives;

6) Monitor legislation, proposed legislation, or regulation, which affects  private detectives, and to support or oppose legislation based on the studied effect upon the industry;

7) Disseminate, by publication or other means, information of interest to  members, the public, and government, for the benefit of the members; and

8) Cooperate with other national, regional and state associations in matters of mutual interest and of benefit to the detective profession.

NALPI links Nebraska-licensed individuals and entities in various investigative fields and their related disciplines.  It seeks to define standards, contribute meaningfully to relationships and conversations with the general public, and to foster trust, respect and cooperation among its  associates, whether they exist in either the public or private sectors.


When and Where Does NALPI Meet?

NALPI meets quarterly (i.e., in the months of January, April, July, and  October) in the capitol city of Lincoln, on the third Wednesday of that month, at  12PM (noon).  

The current meeting place is:

Nesbitt Investigations

6130 S. 58th Street

Lincoln, NE 68516

During the meetings, members and invited speakers discuss issues affecting our professions and share  information to help better our standards and techniques (similar to "continuing  education" forums and seminars) and invited guests are always welcome to join in the discussions.