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Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators

January 16, 2019


Tom Gorgen - Truth, Deception, Voice Stress and Polygraphs

Tom Gorgen has a multitude of experience that makes him a strong and unique speaker -- he began his investigative career at age 19 while still in college, which led to his career as an officer in the Omaha Police Department, where he was exposed to polygraph and voice stress technology, displaying both interest and ability.  Since then, he has been on multiple boards and associations, and he has risen to the top of his respective industries, particularly in the subject of truth and deception.  In his presentation to the association, Mr. Gorgen discussed technology, techniques, cases, and what he projected to be in the future of industry of truth and deception.  Everyone present agreed that the information that was gained was both valuable and useful.  The association wishes to thank Mr. Gorgen for taking the time to share this sensitive and usable information with his fellow professionals.  It should also be noted that Mr. Gorgen is a current senior member of the NALPI association, and has in the past held the positions of both president and chairman of the board.

January 10, 2019

NALPI Welcomes Secretary of State Robert Evnen

On  January 9, 2019 John Gale retired as secretary of state and, on  January 10, 2019 Robert N. Evnen was sworn in as the 27th Nebraska  secretary of state.  This also makes him the ultimate authority  regarding the governance of all types of license holders, including the industry of professional investigators, in the state of Nebraska.

We look forward to working with Secretary Evnen and wish him well as he begins his career as secretary of state.


January 10, 2019

Reminder: Discard and Update Your Forms from the Licensing Division

The swearing in of Secretary Robert Evnen on January 10, 2019 as the latest Nebraska secretary of state also means that all licensed investigators, and their affiliate/governing agencies, should immediately undertake a review of on-file blank forms and discard any and all unused forms bearing former Secretary John Gale's name as they are no longer valid effective January 10, 2019.  

This applies to all licensed investigators and licensed private detective agencies, not only those affiliated with the NALPI association.

New, updated forms (e.g., licensing packets, etc) can be requested directly from the  licensing division.

If  you have questions, please contact the licensing division office  directly by calling Bess Boesiger directly at 402-471-2385, or e-mailing  her at

Thank you for your prompt attention and timely adherence during this transition.


January 7, 2019

Outgoing Secretary of State Named as First Honorary Association Member

On January 7, 2019, in formal presentation ceremony at the Capitol building in Lincoln, outgoing Secretary of State John Gale was honored by the association for his years of dedication and service by being named the first (and, to date, only) honorary member of the association, where he was awarded a plaque in commemoration of the event.  The plaque was presented by President Brett Brodersen and former association president Thomas Gorgen.  Also present from the licensing division were Director David Wilson and Administrative Assistant Bess Boesiger, as well as representatives from Mr. Gale's office.  Members of the public were also in attendance.

The association wishes Mr. Gale well in his retirement as he leaves office on January 9, 2019.


October 17, 2018


End-of-Year Challenges and Looking Forward to 2019

 The October 17, 2018 meeting was the last quarterly meeting of the year  for the association, and the focus of the meeting was a vigorous  roundtable discussion of the types and methods of improvement that are  part of the scheduled events for the upcoming 2019 year.  Senior  membership elements took their turns offer their views and opinions on  topics ranging from technology to charitable donations, to featured  speakers and audio teleconferencing.  President Brett Brodersen wished  to express his personal thanks to the members for taking the time to  bring these issues the expertise and enthusiasm that he feels will drive  them forward.

April 18, 2018

Sara Genoways and Corey Weinmaster - Social Media Investigations

Lincoln Police Department officers Corey Weinmaster and Sarah Genoways gave an informative and insightful presentations on the subject of social media investigations, and the broader issues involving technical investigations.  The topics covered ranged from law to implementation to manpower and resource allocations, and the issues confronted during the course of a standard investigation.  NALPI wishes to also take this moment to thank  Officers Genoways and Weinmaster for taking the time out of their very busy respective schedules  to speak on these issues that can potentially impact all Nebraska licensed investigators.


January 17, 2018

Cancellation of Q1 meeting

In consideration of the excessively low temperatures and the risks associated with members' safety in traveling in such weather, it was voted upon and decided to cancel the first quarterly meeting of the association scheduled for January 17, 2018.  All normal business was carried forward to the April 18, 2018 meeting.


October 18, 2017

James Martin Davis - Laws Pertaining to Investigations

The famous criminal defense attorney and one of American Trial  Lawyers' Top 100 Lawyers James Martin Davis (of the Davis Law Office, Omaha, NE, gave a very informative presentation in a  previously-recorded segment from our archives.  Mr. Davis, who can list  among his professional accomplishments being both a former intelligence asset  for the United States government, and being a former Secret Service agent,  offered a presentation on laws pertaining to the investigative profession and  industry, offering both concrete examples of said laws, as well as commonsense  reasons why these laws are relevant, and potential penalties for the violations  of those laws.  NALPI wishes to also take this moment to thank  Mr. Davis for previously taking the time out of his very frenetic schedule  to speak on these time-sensitive and extremely relevant  issues that can potentially impact all Nebraska licensed investigators, and for  the effectiveness of his presentation. 


July 20, 2017

David Wilson - Dual Licensing

Associate General Counsel and Licensing Director David Wilson offered  an excellent conversation on, among other subjects, the dual licensing of  licensed professional investigators.  Helping to remove any  misunderstanding about criteria for dual licensing, and the proper paying of  Nebraska sales tax, Mr. Wilson then expanded on the similarities and differences  among the plain clothes investigators, private detectives, and private detective  agencies.  Mr. Wilson helped the association better understand what options  are available to them, and to make sure that all those present are in the proper  category of investigators.  Other topics covered during the Q&A session  included concerns about investigations and related work sometimes threatening to  overlap into the forbidden area of collections, repossessions, occupational  taxes, and various applicable legislation that may or may not be pending in the  next legislative session and that are potentially relevant to the investigative  industry.  Also discussed in great detail was how complaints against  investigators are received and handled in the licensing division office, what  information is retained in files and what of that information is available to  the inquiring public.  NALPI wishes to also take this moment to thank  Licensing Director Wilson for taking the time out of his very frenetic schedule  to speak to the association on these time-sensitive and extremely relevant  issues that can potentially impact all Nebraska licensed investigators, and for  his willingness to speak at length on these matters. 


January 19, 2017

Brooke Sieff - Forensic Learning


The association would like to thank Brooke Sieff, forensic science teacher at Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska, who gave a presentation and spoke at length on forensic learning.  This involved statistics and handouts, as well as exercises designed to test our individual abilities to discern and recall detail.  The results were both entertaining and enlightening, and Ms. Sieff's extensive educational background (degrees in psychology, teaching, and literacy, as well as extensive backgrounds as a teacher, social worker and others) made her an engaging personality who was able to successfully impart information while creating rapport with the audience.  The broader topic itself reminded us how many disciplines and applications there are when considering the word "forensics," and how important it is that even licensed and experienced investigators keep their minds open to new ways of learning.  The association wishes to once again thank Ms. Sieff for her time and for willingness to speak at length on these matters.


October 20, 2016

Jan Welch and Dan Johnson - Background Checks

The association would like to thank Jan Welch and Dan Johnson, owners of Secured Data Services (Fremont, NE), both senior NALPI members, who offered a very significant discussion on the subject of background checks - for employment, by third parties, and along related lines.  The topics included discussions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumer reporting agencies, investigative consumer reports, social media investigations, reference checks, and so on.  They also spoke at length on the role that professional investigators can and do play in the process, and when liabilities may be involved, and also included personal insight gained from various cases in which they were directly involved.  Colored with both humorous and serious personal anecdotes, the presentation was followed by a vigorous Q&A session where members were able to follow up with their own questions.  Good exchanges were made and insights gained from the presentation, and we wish to again thank both of these NALPI members for their time and for their willingness to speak at length on these matters.


July 21, 2016

Jessica Milburn - Federal Public Defender

The association would like to thank Assistant Federal Public Defender Jessica MIlburn (from the office of the Federal Public Defender - District of Nebraska) for a very insightful and informative presentation on the fundamentals of criminal defense work, and the role that professional investigators can and do play in the process.  Ms. Milburn's fifteen years' worth of experience offered not only extensive knowledge as to the process of criminal defense at the federal level, but also personal insight gained from various cases in which she was involved.  Colored with both humorous and serious personal anecdotes, the presentation was followed by a vigorous Q&A session where members were able to follow up with their own questions.  Good exchanges were made and insights gained from the presentation, and we wish to again thank Ms. MIlburn and her office (more specifically, Mr. Dave Stickman) for their willingness to educate the membership on these matters.


June 1, 2016

Be aware of individuals falsely claiming to be affiliated with NALPI

Our association members, regardless of tenure or current position held, are screened prior to acceptance, and pledge themselves in writing to adhere to high standards of legal and ethical behavior.  However, the possibility always exists that someone may attempt to claim that they are a member when in fact they are not.  

Just as someone can verify an individual's current detective license status through the Nebraska Secretary of State's Licensing Division website (see, so an inquiring member of the general public can easily verify if someone is as active association member simply by checking the "Members" link on the website and searching for an individual alphabetically by his/her surname.  

If you have reason to believe that someone is falsely holding themselves out as a member of the Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators, whether past or present and regardless of what form that representation might take (e.g., verbal, written, printed, electronic, internet, etc), you are encouraged to contact us immediately via  It is irrelevant if that person is believed to be a licensed or a private individual, a detective agency or some other entity; we take all inquiries seriously and any information you provide will be held in the highest confidence. 

Thank you for helping to keep the public safe from this type of potential fraud by misrepresentation.


April 21, 2016

Michael Winchester


The association would like to thank Current Senior Attorney, Assistant City Prosecutor Michael Winchester, of the City of Omaha's legal department, for the presentation entitled "Looking Back on Thirty Years of Prosecution."  Mr. Winchester's hard-hitting factual and anecdotal presentation explaining the true nature of the process was beneficial to the investigators who can typically only see one side of the process.  The association wishes to thank Mr. Winchester for offering his time and insights into making the presentation.


April 6, 2016

Patricia Walker-Halstead Imprisoned for Defrauding Client


The text of the story, as attributed to the Associated Press and reported in the Lincoln Journal-Star (, is as follows: 

“OMAHA — An Omaha private investigator convicted of fraud has been given a year and a day in prison.

Federal prosecutors say 70-year-old Patricia Walker-Halstead was sentenced Friday to two years of supervised release after she leaves prison and was ordered to pay restitution of $500,000.

Walker-Halstead pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud after prosecutors dropped 10 other counts in exchange.

Prosecutors said she lied to a client about developing evidence and conducting background checks. Court records say Walker-Halstead told the unnamed client she asked a Nebraska State Patrol investigator to help investigate the client's security concerns. She asked her client to give him money because of his financial problems and medical bills. Authorities said there was no patrol investigator on the case.”

NOTE: Walker-Halstead is not now, nor has she ever been, a member of the Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators


January 21, 2016

Tom Gorgen & Steve Koenig


Former NALPI board members Steve Koenig and Tom Gorgen offered an excellent joint presentation entitled "40 Years of Surveillance."  While specifics cannot be discussed here as certain elements are considered proprietary and some anecdotal details involve real-life cases, we wish to extend our thanks to both men for offering tremendous insights into their decades of firsthand experience in the realms of law enforcement and professional investigations.  From real-life experiences to equipment to vehicles and techniques, the presentation was a great success and was greatly appreciated.  NALPI wishes to also take this moment to thank both of these men for their years of continued service while serving on the boards of multiple professional associations, in both Nebraska and beyond our state borders.


October 15, 2015


Brett Brodersen

We were very pleased to have NALPI's own  President Brett Brodersen, of the detective agency The Magnus Group, Inc (Omaha,  NE)   give his presentation entitled "Deep and Dark: The Hidden  Web" and the accompanying video.  The term "Deep Web" is  interchangeable with "Ultra Web" and "Dark Web" and refers to those parts of the  Internet that are not catalogued or index, or searchable by typical search  engines such as Google.  The Deep Web is estimated to be approximately 500  times larger than the searchable "top layer" of the Internet, and is filled with  activism, drugs, currency, "hit men," and other material, much of which is  objectionable to many people.  Citing multiple real-life examples, the  presentation was well received and feedback found it to be very insightful.

The  presentation was a great experience for the membership, and much commentary and  discussion followed.  President Brodersen was able to shed some light on  some of the legal ramifications of entering the Deep Web for curiosity or  legitimate investigative purposes, and fostered an open discussion for others  who have had similar concerns and/or experiences.  We would like to take this  opportunity to once again thank President Brodersen for his willingness to speak at length on this issue. 

July 16, 2015

Cindy Koenig-Warnke


We were very pleased to have Investigator Cindy Koenig-Warnke of the Lincoln Police Department's Technical Investigations Unit (TIU) give her presentation on the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.  Such a person may be vulnerable from age or mental condition or circumstance.  With the average age of persons in Nebraska growing longer, and the rise of "baby boomer" retirees now entering their later years, it is important to hear from a qualified and experienced investigator what the signs and indicators are, especially when considering the odds of complete remuneration to the victims in the example cases being rather small.  Citing multiple real-life cases and following the case progression in a clear and concise step-by-step narrative, the presentation was certainly invaluable.  Being an active participant in these and other "white collar" crimes, Investigator Koenig-Warnke was able to add much personal insight into both the process and the personalities involved.  

The presentation was a great experience for the membership, and much commentary and discussion followed.  Investigator Koenig-Warnke was knowledgeable and friendly in helping to open dialogue and participate in those discussions.  We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Investigator Koenig-Warnke and the Technical Investigations Unit of the Lincoln Police Department for her willingness to speak at length on this issue which, unfortunately, shows no indication of decreasing in frequency. 


October 9, 2013

Be aware of people falsely claiming "investigator" status in Nebraska

OMAHA – Recently, an unknown individual using the name "Sean  Jackson" and claiming to be an "investigator" who was working for a "private  source" was reported to NALPI by the director of security of a large business in  the greater Omaha area.  This individual made contact with the director by  e-mail using an unbranded Hotmail account ""  and attached a picture of a young woman who appeared to be in her late  teens/early twenties.  The image was blurry and appeared to have been taken  covertly.  "Sean Jackson" requested assistance for the director of security  in determining  the young woman's name and identity.  As he claimed to  be an "investigator" in the original e-mail, the director contacted our  organization to attempt to confirm the licensing status of "Sean Jackson."

With the cooperation and resources of the Nebraska Secretary of State's  Licensing Division in Lincoln, it was solidly determined that this individual  "Sean Jackson" does NOT hold a current license as either a Plain Clothes  Investigator or Private Detective.  No references were immediately  available showing anyone with this name affiliated with any licensed Private  Detective Agency in the State of Nebraska.

This raises the larger issue of identity verification when interacting with  licensed versus non-licensed individuals.  The public should be aware that  licensed investigators are overseen by the state and must pass thorough  background checks, have thousands of hours of relevant experience, and pass  written proficiency tests before being issued their licenses.   Understanding the need for verifiable credentials, investigators and detectives  are then issued hard plastic identification cards by the licensing division and  this identification should be produced for your review upon demand.  The  cards show a studio photograph of the investigator, their legal name, license  number, identification card issuance and expiration dates, and Private Detective  Agency affiliation (if relevant).  On the back of the card is a mailing  address and a telephone number (402.471.2385) where an individual's licensing  status can be verified during regular business hours.

If you have a doubt regarding the validity of someone claiming to be a  private investigator of some type, do not be afraid to ask for identification.   A legitimate investigator is accustomed to being challenged on occasion for  credentials and they should not offended to offer you verifiable proof of identity  and professional status.  If identification is not produced, or if you have  doubts that the identification is real, you can call the number listed above or  local law enforcement.

Individuals holding themselves out to the public as being licensed  investigators if they are not are guilty of a Class II Misdemeanor under  Nebraska revised statue number 71-2302.  These individuals need to be  reported to law enforcement and interviewed to determine their true status and  intent.

Remember that anyone can "investigate" a matter, because the word itself  means to try to find out facts or information about a matter, and people do this  every day in their own lives.  But when one goes so far as to claim to be  an "investigator" as a title, there are legal considerations and consequences.   Do not be afraid to ask questions before sharing information.

Above all, be safe.

- Brett Brodersen, PI, PCI, PIE

President, Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators